Joanna is very knowledgeable and combines her personal experiences with health issues with her medical science background and further training specifically in health modalities. Always approachable and eager to help.

Liz Chin-Seet

Joanna helped me so much recently with what oils to use to heal a bad burn on my 4 year old daughter. The oils worked a treat and she healed so quickly! 
No infection, no scarring, I'm so grateful.
Thank you Joanna!

Jessica Combrink

Working alongside Joanna over the last 6 months her knowledge, passion, and expertise have shown me the true value of good health and the genuine relevance of natural remedies. Applying her Medical Science qualifications and real-life experiences, Joanna is able to recommend foods and oils to achieve a healthy balance between a busy lifestyle and good nutrition for myself and my family.

Vanessa La Rosa-Iacono