I am Joanna Rusling ...


Hi, I’m Joanna Rusling, a Functional Nutrition, Lifestyle Practitioner ,and Wellness entrepreneur in Perth, Western Australia.

I teach people how to communicate and listen to their body and to trust their innate ability to heal. Sharing natural health solutions and empowering people to share the positive benefits brings me joy beyond my wildest dreams! I have always been interested in helping people feel happy and that means being well.

Fascinated by how the human body works and how to tackle disease I became a Medical Scientist and a Medical researcher. Working to understand how super bugs MRSA developed antibiotic resistance, it felt like all hope had been lost and that our healing options were on the brink of being lost against these super germs.

As a young woman working long hours and taking on way too much responsibility, I suddenly became ill and was unable to complete my studies. Eventually I was diagnosed with major depression and became immersed in the mental health system, being handed from one doctor to another and being prescribed more and more medications.

Taking my health into my own hands, I headed out into the world of complimentary healing modalities.

It was a rocky road and I quickly learned that herbs and strong concoctions only made the situation worse. After suffering extreme insomnia, anxiety, and depression I slowly started to heal. The years went by and I was blessed with children. My sons had major gut issues, skin problems and constant chronic ill health and I knew something had to be done.

With a family history of serious illness in gut health, autoimmune disease and cancer I knew I had to get to the root cause if they had any hope of avoiding those outcomes later in life. I began researching and applying food as medicine. I was seeking knowledge from people who'd found the underlying root cause of their illnesses,  and as we discovered each remedy I was driven to dig deeper. Applying elimination diets enabled us to heal our children and take my own health to another level. Eventually I found answers to how and why we had been unwell. 

Now I passionately share the amazing healing potential we all share. If we can provide our bodies with the right fuel for our individual needs, we can heal from the inside out.  A natural health revolution is happening now. It's growing every day and is sweeping the globe as millions of people are awakened to the natural healing abilities of our bodies. I am blessed to be part of this movement and to share my knowledge with you.

Every week I present classes, run events, and take private appointments to show you how to think differently about your health, be empowered, and to assist the body to heal.  I have taught hundreds of people about the keys to better health, and I encourage you to seek better health for a better you.

We are more than enough and deserve to love and be loved as whole authentic beings living our soul purpose with joy and fulfilment.  If you’re ready to live an amazing life filled with joy and abundance and don’t know how to navigate your journey to health, then it’s time to give me a call.



Joanna is very knowledgeable and combines her personal experiences with health issues with her medical science background and further training specifically in health modalities. Always approachable and eager to help.

  • Liz Chin-Seet

Joanna helped me so much recently with what oils to use to heal a bad burn on my 4 year old daughter. The oils worked a treat and she healed so quickly! 
No infection, no scarring, I'm so grateful.
Thank you Joanna!

  • Jessica Combrink

Working alongside Joanna over the last 6 months her knowledge, passion, and expertise have shown me the true value of good health and the genuine relevance of natural remedies. Applying her Medical Science qualifications and real-life experiences, Joanna is able to recommend foods and oils to achieve a healthy balance between a busy lifestyle and good nutrition for myself and my family.

  • Vanessa La Rosa-Iacono