Joanna Rusling

dōTERRA Diamond Leader

This article appeared in dōTERRA's Leadership Magazine, no.18, Jan/Feb 2016

Joanna Rusling first learned about dōTERRA essential oils when she was organizing a wholefood cooking demonstration for her team in another direct sales company. She wanted to make sure dōTERRA had quality products before she promoted them, so she attended a class to learn more. She says of her experience, “I loved the smell. I felt intoxicated the whole way home.” She opened a wholesale account that same day.

At first, she wasn’t going to do the business. She already had a successful business and didn’t have enough time for another. However, as she shared with others, she reached Premier in her second month before she even understood what that meant. Joanna had five years’ experience with a direct sales company, but she had no experience with multilevel marketing. She soon realized the incredible value in leveraging her income and building a pipeline.

As leaders began to appear on her team, Joanna set the goal for Diamond, because it seemed achievable and would bring her leaders success as well. She decided to undertake Diamond Club to get there. She says, “The team and I were already on our way to Diamond; however, the accelerated growth and focus of Diamond Club was an amazing experience.” 
“I feel as though everything in my life has brought me to this point. Every life experience has assisted me in helping others live their life purpose with the aid of dōTERRA essential oils.”

She has learned from her experiences in dōTERRA how to persevere through the hard days. She says, “The days when you have no class attendees, when you feel exhausted in the middle of Diamond Club, when you want to stay home to watch TV, or when you’re frustrated with not having a perfectly clean home—these are the times when you need to dig deep and focus on your main goal. You won’t know your goal unless you plan and create a roadmap to your success.” Joanna also learned the importance of helping her leaders discover their why—rank advancement doesn’t motivate everyone. But, once she can find a goal that excites them, she can help them get there.

Sometimes when she feels like throwing in the towel, her children get her an oil and say, “Now this should help you feel better, Mum!” It’s in those moments that she realizes she has taught her children well about the power of essential oils and knows she must be doing something right. She says, “Creating a legacy and helping other mums live their purpose and dreams is beyond anything I could have dreamed of doing with my life.”

Since joining dōTERRA, Joanna feels more empowered to help change people’s lives. She knows that many people are struggling through debilitating, exhausting, and apparently endless challenges, and she can offer them solutions. She says, “I realized very quickly that everyone needs to know the amazing attributes of essential oils. I feel a duty to share them with the world.”


“As my team grew very quickly, it became a priority to know where to put people. I approached my top line and placed people underneath those who would commit to consistently order on LRP.”

“In a very short period of time, many leaders on my frontline started receiving their Power of 3 commissions. I have found that anyone who receives their $50 bonus doesn’t stop ordering on LRP.”

“Place people within your dōTERRA family to aid their growth in learning about essential oils, while helping them continue to afford to purchase and grow their dōTERRA collection.”

“Receiving a higher percentage from level seven than from level one on your team is incredibly inspiring. Once you realize the value of achieving your goals while helping others achieve theirs, you don’t look back.”

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