Seasonal Threats

  • 6 September 2020
  • Joanna Rusling

Seasonal Threats

A change of season is here with Spring arriving this month and although the sunny days are lovely, sunny days after winter rain have the plants bursting into life and preparing to share their seeds and pollen with us all. So what do we do to assist in our home with seasonal threats?

Well, we use the powerful combo of lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils. This trio is so popular you can purchase it as an Intro Kit with a small 5mL bottle of each oil, and make a 10mL roller bottle recipe.

Seasonal Blend ***
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Peppermint
Combine in an empty roller bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil.
Apply to the soles of the feet in the morning before putting socks on and before bed. 
This blend is great for young children and for those with sensitive skin. 
To clear airways apply to the temples and upper check bones and rub in as needed.

Room Freshener
Don't forget to diffuse.
Add 2 drops of each of the trio oils to your diffuser. 
This is a great way to remove particles and assist your airways by supporting your breathing.

We also use the dōTERRA USA market product TriEase®️ Seasonal Blend. It is a soft gel combining this powerful trio that you take internally.

Older children and adults take one a day for prevention or one morning and night if you have seasonal symptoms. You could also combine 2 drops of each into a vegetable capsule, top off with a little olive oil and take instead of the soft gel. I have purchased capsules from Health Food stores or try your pharmacy or purchase from dōTERRA if ordering from the USA market. Aren't we lucky in Australia and NZ to have access to the USA market as well! You can find the Product Information sheet HERE.

Gut health is key in helping to boost the immune system and seasonal symptoms. Eliminating sugar and grains while you are suffering is a great idea. Keep to 30-40 grams of sugar in 24 hours total, 20 grams for children. I mean sugar, not just total carbohydrates consumed. One sports energy drink can contain 28.5g of sugar! This is really the underlying cause of so much chronic illness. I never suffered seasonal issues and then after my second child was born I understood how horrendous and miserable a condition hay fever can be! Thankfully, I no longer have this issue each Spring as I have learned that healing my gut and reducing inflammation in my body has been the foundational platform to allow healing. I attribute this healing in assisting my immune system and hormones, helping me to avoid seasonal issues and menopausal symptoms also, but that's a whole other topic!

Why this trio of essential oils?

Lavender has nearly 2500 scientific medical journal articles investigating its usefulness and effectiveness. It is the clear front runner and go-to for calming and soothing. Lavender is amazing at settling overreactions in the body and mind. Great as a sleep aid and go-to for skin support, bites, burns, bruising.

Lemon is cleansing and its actions are like that of using dishwashing detergent in the kitchen, it helps to cut through the grease and grime breaking it down. When things are clean they work properly, especially receptors attached to the outside of our cell walls that transmit messages and help the cell to receive communication. Clean gaps between synapses allow nerves to signal correctly and transmit electrical impulses.

Peppermint is the go-to cooling essential oil. When we have heat and issues in our tissues, inflammation, we more often than not get discomfort and symptoms. Peppermint cools and helps to calm.

Together these three essential oils boost one another, they have a synergistic effect making them more powerful than using one at a time or on their own for this specific seasonal threat issue. Just like combining ingredients to make a cake, the individual components are necessary but not as fabulous as the cake!

Check out these amazing individual properties:

Another thing that might help when suffering from seasonal issues is reducing or temporarily eliminating high amine/histamine containing foods. These increase histamine levels in addition to those produced by the body by immune cells combating perceived threats, like pollen and seeds. A histamine and immune system storm is creating lots of havoc and symptoms that make you miserable. 

Avoid these high histamine foods:

∙ Alcohol
∙ Pickled or Canned Foods – sauerkraut
∙ Matured Cheeses
∙ Smoked Meat Products – salami, ham, sausages
∙ Shellfish
∙ Beans and Pulses – chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts
∙ Nuts – walnuts, cashew nuts
∙ Chocolates (and other cocoa-based products)
∙ Vinegar
∙ Ready Meals
∙ Salty Snacks, Sweets (with preservatives and artificial colourings)

I hope you find this information helpful. If you have tried all the above and are still having issues you might like a one on one consultation to discuss what is happening more in-depth.  You can book a free chat here.

Joanna x

* Be careful not to walk on floor coverings with oiled bare feet you might affect surfaces.
** Always take care when applying citrus oils to skin that comes into contact with the sun. Wear a hat and avoid sunbathing directly on treated skin. 
*** This blend is heavily diluted with a carrier, FCO. Allows additional "fat" to dilute essential oils if needed.

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