Newsletter - 9 November 2020

  • 9 November 2020
  • Joanna Rusling

Thanks for taking the time to browse through this weeks update. I love to inspire, illuminate and ignite belief and hope for change!

This week on Friday 13th November, we celebrate World Kindness Day. Has there ever been a year where we could use a reminder to be kind to one another, more than 2020?


As we speed towards Christmas and the ‘busy period’ the levels of tension, anxiety, and stress in the community are beginning to rise.
Research suggests Kindness Is Contagious and modelling kind behaviours promotes a ripple effect in those around you. Kindness could be as simple as wishing a ‘good morning’ to passers-by on your morning walk or a ‘thank you’ to the checkout operator scanning your groceries. So draw a smile on your face mask this Friday and pass it on!

Your simple act of patience, assistance, thoughtfulness, or support could alter a person’s mindset, allowing them to see the positives in the world rather than feeling weighted by the negatives we are relentlessly fed through the media.
If you have children with you, they’ll be watching and mimicking “their” grownups behaviour. Setting a positive example for the next generation: now there’s a ripple effect that will change the world!
I’ll post a reminder on Facebook later in the week. Until then, put some thought into it:

How will you show kindness this Friday?

In the name of kindness here is a reminder of the promotions I shared last week, to ensure you all have the best possible opportunity to take advantage of the free product of the month:
Tangerine 15ml is the FREE Product of the month
Place a 125+PV order for those on the Loyalty Rewards Program by the 15th November, USA MST time.

Tangerine differs from other citrus essential oils, as it has a more diverse makeup which includes significant amounts of limonene, and also alpha-pinene, myrcene and linalool. These are rare qualities that allow it to be both uplifting, cleansing yet calming all at the same time! Clever. This makes it a wonderful addition to the diffuser at bedtime if you've had a rough day and feel like washing away the stress of the day whilst uplifting and feeling more chilled.  See last week's Diffuser Recipes (link expired. make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss out on future freebies like that one!)

You can read more about the benefits of Tangerine and other citrus oils in my latest blog post: Zest For Life.

November Promotions:

POM (Product of the Month) - 15mL Tangerine
Our 10% OFF Product - doTERRA® Spa Replenishing Body Butter
Enrolment Promotion - LLV Lifelong Vitality Pack
Points Plus (NZ only Loyalty Rewards Promotion) - 1 October 2020 to 31 December 2020

Upcoming Events:

17 Nov - Christmas Make & Take - Melville
Make & Take so you walk away with some gifts to share. Get inspired at this fun, friendly evening.  [link expired]

1 Dec - Summer Living - Melville
Make & Take and inspiration for summer fun and ideas to enjoy the hotter months. [link expired]

For further information on upcoming events, head to my events page

What I’m reading (or listening to!)

Being an entrepreneur and running my own business means I’m always looking for better ways to do things. I get so much inspiration and energy by learning from others, whether it be wins or failures, and the constant challenges continually improve my skill set and confidence. 

I was recently told about “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz and it’s given me such an amazing insight into business essentials. He breaks it all down and has given me great relief to know it is possible to run my business with balance and profit!.

He’s not an accountant or a tax professional, he’s an experienced entrepreneur who was facing the reality of needing an income and realised discussing the business profit margins once a year with an accountant wasn’t working. With a family to provide for, Mike explains the lessons he has learned about being humble, being truthful with yourself, and about pulling yourself up by the bootstraps to be successful in business - in both a monetary sense and the work-life balance we are all looking for. He came up with a system that enabled him to have flow, balance and momentum happening together in harmony, in life and business. Inspirational to say the least. 

Have a fab week. 

Love & Light,

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