Newsletter - 24 August 2020

  • 24 August 2020
  • Joanna Rusling

Hello and happy Monday,I hope you are hanging in there!

I am so excited to have attended dōTERRA AU/NZ 2020 Leadership Retreat this past week. It kicked off last Wednesday with Diamond Day, and was then open for all ticket holders on Friday and Saturday.

The upside this year, being online, was an open invitation to any dōTERRA account holder to purchase a ticket to attend. Listening to people from all over Australia, New Zealand and other local Islands; hearing how people's lives and communities have been touched by dōTERRA's plant magic was so inspiring.

I found myself quite emotional at times, as I missed being in the same room with all these amazing people working to change the world in their own unique way, one essential oil drop at a time.

Listening to two leaders who are no longer with us, sharing the power that dōTERRA had on their lives and their families really brings home how we all have to grab life with both hands. Even in these extremely challenging times we need to choose life.

This can be especially difficult when you have a loved one facing mental health challenges. Sometimes essential oils and eating well just isn't enough and you need professionals, medications and hospitalised mental health support.

I have never relied on dōTERRA more since finding them in February 2014 than I have in the last two months. As both as an income source which provides a commission month in and month out, and to support myself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I trust and rely on dōTERRA to support my ability to provide a home and a safe place for my children to "fall" and be held. To show my children they have a mum and dad who are resilient and who can be role models when it comes to navigating uncertainty.

The division, fear, and uncertainty in the world right now is palpable and affecting everyone in different ways. Although the future seems uncertain, I hold onto hope that those who came before us also experienced immense hardship and uncertainty. They found a way to survive, thrive, and continue - and we can too. My Nanna was one of them. I can see her dressed in a khaki uniform in a photo snapped during the second world war.

I also try and focus on the good things that changed for the better despite adversity. Like my Nanna and other women being able to wear pants following the war. How applying their talents and strengths at home, and by holding the fort while the men were away, led to a complete change in the future of opportunities for women.

This has led to me where I am today. Being in a position to not only support my family but to also help others. Via the dōTERRA Healing Hands foundation, Days for Girls, International Women’s Development Agency, Breast Cancer Care WA and LifeLine - I am able to encourage, educate, and inspire others to reach their health and business goals.

This shows how together we can all do something that collectively creates massive energetic momentum for a better world, even if it's choosing to live in hope, love, respect and empathy.

With these reflections in mind, I'd like to introduce you to the new products that were unveiled at the retreat last week. With dōTERRA being so in-tune with the state of the world at the moment, it's no surprise there is a new starter pack which includes emotional support essential oil blends. This has been paired with the new petal diffuser and is a perfect all round solution for the uncertain times we find ourselves going through right now. It is a powerful starting point to help release frustration and support your mind, body and spirit as we pass through this period in time. It contains the blend 'Elevation' which I have diffused a lot of lately! It is still my most used emotional blend and I also often apply it topically directly to my heart. Another go-to favourite I have combined it with is 'Easy Air' and 'On Guard' in the diffuser to keep winter lurgies at bay, as school swimming lessons in winter often results in some child sick days.

Another exciting new product is the release of the favourite 'Ice Blue Rub' in sample sachets! It is brilliant to have on hand when you don't want to lug a big tube around and that we couldn't fly with (not that we are doing that at the moment anyway). You only need small amounts of the rub and it's so handy having the sachets, especially with my boys - no more tubes leaving the house never to return!  It's the perfect lotion to apply to any knots or tight areas or for use before exercising to reduce post workout soreness.


For all the new AU and NZ product releases click on the brochure below for more info.

In September there will be the 2020 US Global convention with even more new products available from the US Market. If you're interested in taking a deep dive into the new offerings, both AU/NZ and US, please join me at my upcoming event:

dōTERRA New Product Showcase - Perth

22 September  2020, 19:30pm - 21:30pm
Kadidjiny Park Hall
(Kitchener Road between Curtis Rd and Rome Rd - across the street from 71 Kitchener Road)
Melville, WA, 6156, Australia

A monthly essential oils education event hosted by Joanna Rusling.
Come and sample the new products from the dōTERRA Global Convention!

Check out current events here


I hope you are finding moments of light in the darkness. I try and remember that seeds need to be planted in the dark ...  and those with lots of "shit" grow best and produce the strongest plants.


I'll keep sending updates and sharing recipes, and if there's anything specific you'd like to hear about - please let me know!


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