Newsletter - 15 February 2021

  • 15 February 2021
  • Joanna Rusling

It's a fact: Soaking reduces stress. Book in some bath time!

Hello gorgeous peeps,

This week I’m going to share my secret joy with you, in the hope you’ll jump on board and start making some time for yourself to experience the same pleasure I’m going to tell you about.
In fact, I’m going to share two!

The secret joy I’m referring to is soaking. I’ve always loved the closed door, the escape, and the steamy air I can feel filling my lungs as I lay in the tub and turn off.  
Sometimes when family life gets busy, meals are eaten on the run, sleep is disturbed, and I’m not taking care of myself in all the ways I should be. It’s not long before my body and mind show signs of wear and tear, and I know it’s time to recalibrate.
So, I book in some deliberate “me time” in the bath where I can focus or wonder, read or sleep, scrub or soak. It doesn’t matter what you do in there, so long as you’re not watching the clock or rushing the intent. To relax, detox, and reset. 
Regular bath sessions with essential oils and detoxifying ingredients can have a profound effect on your overall wellness. I highly recommend giving it go.
For the second tip, see my 'Recipe' section below.

For deep healing I am on a specialist diet regime and detoxing for the next six weeks. I will be having this detox bath 3 times a week. So if you feel like pampering yourself, have a soak. 

I fell asleep yesterday, my skin feels amazing today and I got to wear my dōTERRA Christmas gift.

Advanced Detox Bath

Gather up a mix of the following ingredients:
1 cup Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
1/2 cup Sea Salt or cooking salt (Sodium Chloride)
1/2 cup Aluminum-free baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) OR Bexters Soda Crystals
Mix in a bowl, add to bath

Have water as warm as you can tolerate, then add:

8 drops Cypress Essential Oil
8 drops Lavender Essential Oil
8 drops Lemon Essential Oil
8 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Bath pillow or rolled up towel for head rest

Soak for at least 45 minutes or longer.

Feel free to add or remove your own detoxifying essential oils to make this detox bath recipe just the way you want it. Customise this mix to suit your individual needs.

* Tip: You could also add activated charcoal if you really wanted to boost detoxification.


LAST CHANCE to get your FREE Balance Touch roller when you order 125PV or more as a Loyalty Rewards Order by the end of 15th February (midnight US Mountain Time). This is the 16 Feb 3pm Perth ; 6pm Sydney; 8pm Auckland for Aussies and Kiwis this month.
Check out the spiritual aspect of the essential oils in the Balance blend from Adam Barralet, below. This blend is an amazing heavy hitter for grounding and cutting through overwhelm.

dōTERRA Balance® Touch Grounding Blend 10mL
The warm, woody aroma of dōTERRA Balance® helps create a sense of calm and wellbeing. A perfect combination of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Osmanthus essential oils, dōTERRA Balance® Touch offers an enticing fragrance to help promote tranquility and relaxation.

  • Roll on to wrists, pulse points and back of neck for a calming aroma.
  • Apply to feet to help promote a tranquil aromatic atmosphere.
  • Try at times when looking for relaxation and balance.

10% OFF in February HD Clear
Most of us have heard of Acne, but have you heard of Maskne?

“Maskne” is pimples located in areas where your mask touches your face. It occurs when sweat, oil, and bacteria are trapped on your skin while wearing a mask, creating the perfect breeding ground for breakouts. Try adding dōTERRA HD Clear Topical Blend to the inside of the mask &/or topically to the skin to help promote a clear complexion. It is 10% off this month for the Australia and New Zealand markets.



Valentine's might be over for another year, but who says love should only be celebrated once a year?!For some bedroom bliss try this awesome hack to support female pleasure. With some FCO (fractionated coconut oil) in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil and apply to the clitoral area for heightened response on your own or with your partner!

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1 FEB to 31 MAY 2021 - dōTERRA Diamond Club

As a Diamond Club participant, I can assist YOU to help others get started with dōTERRA and enjoy additional benefits. Plug into my upcoming events, invite people to attend and I will help them to join your team. If you would like to host a virtual online Zoom class or an in-person event in Perth, Western Australia please reach out. Lots more information is still to come and lots of public events in the pipeline.

1 MAR 2021, Monday – 30 Day Cleanse & Restore

Join us for the cleanse. Keep an eye out for information on the links below.
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Have a fab week. Love & Light,

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