Finding 'Purpose' in the 20/80 balancing act

Happy Monday to you,

Last week I hosted the third Essential Oil Symposium where we discussed Mental Health and Dealing With Change It was amazing!
I know many of you weren't able to attend because it was sold out, so I decided to write a new blog post called: Mental Health is a 20/80 Balancing Act
The blog touches on my personal experience with a breakdown, the discoveries I made along the road to recovery, and the research and science behind the trigger factors.
Self-care is an important part of recovery and maintenance following any period of unrest, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. By focusing for 3 mins a day, on any given habit or thought process you want to alter, you can create lasting change.
In the video and the blog, I discuss Pareto's Principle. This is where I learned how 20% of what you do or think is producing 80% of your life's reality.

Have a think about it.

  •  What do you want your 80% to look like? 
  •  What needs to change in your 20% to reach your desired outcomes? 

To highlight the importance of  'Purpose'  I've created a Mental Health Challenge Join the Mental Health 20 Day Challenge by clicking on this link to join my group "An Inside Job". There are daily prizes so don't delay in joining us!
(event has ended but subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when we hold the next round)

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If you're keen to see what all the fuss is about, you can watch my presentation on Mental Health and Dealing with Change

I'll keep sending updates and sharing recipes, and if there's anything specific you'd like to hear about - please let me know!

Stay safe,

 Joanna x 

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