My Daily Essential Oil Routine

From the moment I open my eyes to the last flicker of my eyelids, the days are full and busy. I’m blessed to be healthy, energetic and have a positive outlook on life and I want to share my daily oily routine with you!
My intention is to bring some clarity and provide guidance on how to feel healthy and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing.
You don’t need to be a “full bottle” on Essential Oils to enjoy the natural benefits they can offer. By sharing my own routine I hope you’ll be inspired to add some natural elements to your life and home.

* * *

Each morning I wake up and head straight to the bathroom. I weigh myself (accountability), brush my teeth with OnGuard toothpaste and rinse with OnGuard mouthwash. I shower with dōTERRA body wash, I use the dōTERRA Facial Cleanser daily, and I use the dōTERRA Shampoo and Conditioner. A couple of times a week I’ll use dōTERRA ESSENTIAL Skin Care Invigorating Scrub.

After my shower, I finish my skincare routine with dōTERRA ESSENTIAL toner and moisturiser and apply dōTERRA underarm deodorant, I am loving the Natural Deodorant with dōTERRA Citrus Bliss.

I head back to the bedroom and make my bed, before applying my Yoga oils. As a mum I don’t have the opportunity to meditate often when I wake up, so these help me to relax and focus. In a perfect world 20 mins of meditation followed by 20 mins of yoga or stretching, and 20 mins of journaling would be the ideal start to the day, according to all the top Productivity Guru's!

Keeping it real, I’m a mum and a business owner and dōTERRA Essential Oils allow me to have some self-care without abandoning the morning family commitments. I apply the OnGuard Touch Roller and the Oregano Touch Roller to my throat area (either side of the Trachea). I’m constantly using the OnGuard hand wash and sanitiser through the day. I fill up my water bottle and add a 3 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 drops of any additional citrus oil.

I then apply Adaptiv Roller to the back of my neck, or use InTune throughout the day.

Then it’s time to focus on the kids. They each carry a homemade hand sanitiser, I have repurposed OnGuard 15mL bottles for them and hubby. We apply the Motivate Touch or Adaptiv Blend Touch to back of their necks and Cheer Touch or Peace Touch to the heart area. I also apply the FLOOM to the soles of their feet or throat.

Once the kids are taken care of, I spend some time pressing the reset button at home before settling into my workday. I set up the diffusers in the house (Holiday Joy as it has spice oils, and Elevation are my favourite at the moment) then take my Lifelong Vitality (LLV), Phtyoestrogen, daily bone nutrient, mito2max and DDR Prime. I also take 2 drops of Copaiva under the tongue. This is to support my immune system and assists my body with stress.

I've made some major changes in our household around TV and social media. We’ve turned off the TV and jumped off Facebook, for the sake of our mental health. This isn’t information avoidance, however it’s important to balance the stream of negative information flooding our ears. We could tell it was affecting the kids. I check-in with Government updates at certain times throughout the day, and resist the ongoing stream of information being emailed. We have choice in what we choose to THINK about. What we focus on EXPANDS. It's physics. You can stop the constant negative chatter. Meditation and now Rapid Transformation Therapy has completely eliminated this issue for me.

Eating lunch is best sitting outside in the sunshine. I head into our backyard, find a spot in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great opportunity to kick off our shoes, and feel the earth beneath our feet. We can lay on the grass to ground ourselves. I often play with the dog because he’s usually missing the boys by this time of the day.

Late afternoons, I take my second dose of Lifelong Vitality (LLV) and make a frozen fruit smoothie for the troops. I add 3 drops of any citrus oil on hand and also refill my water bottle. If smoothies aren’t possible, I’ll wash and cut-up fruit for us to enjoy (hubby actually cuts the fruit most of the time which is wonderful).

In the evening, I make sure we eat as a family at the dinner table and I don’t eat at all after 8pm. I set up the diffuser in the master bedroom with the Adaptive Blend so it’s ready for bedtime, and I try to wind down before calling it a day.

I make sure the kitchen’s clean, the dishwashers on, and teenagers are settled for the night. Removing the Modem power cord if necessary. I usually sit at the end of the bed and have a chat as I say goodnight. If it’s been a tough day and I need to check-out for a while, I’ll watch some uplifting TV (I love the reno shows!).

Before jumping into bed, I’ll brush my teeth with Onguard toothpaste and rinse with Onguard mouthwash. To finish the day, I’ll pop on my sleep headphones and drift away as I listen to my 60 minute Holosync Meditation. (This meditation saved my life, a topic for another day).

The days are busy and we all know that balancing family, work-life and home-life can be demanding. My routine helps to keep me and my family healthy and focused on a daily basis.

I’ve put together a checklist (attached) to share my daily habits, and to help you find a happy and healthy routine for YOU and your family with dōTERRA essential oils. I feel so blessed to have found them 6 years ago and have these Natural Solutions in my home.

Lots of Love & Light,

Be safe,

Joanna x

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