Essential Oils

About 11 years ago I started the journey of finding alternative ways to heal my family.  In particular, my son Thomas had severe health issues and was on a  string of dangerous pharmaceuticals.
Frustrated and feeling hopeless, I started his healing process with foods.  After all, you are what you eat.  But there were still lingering issues…
That’s when I learned about essential oils.  That was the final missing piece that helped my son to finally live a normal life.  Do you have loved ones who you would like to see cured of the ailments that affect them?
Since that time I’ve made it my life’s mission to spread the word about food as medicine and essential oils as the final piece of the puzzle that let my family ditch the reliance on harmful chemicals and toxic foods.

What Are Essential Oils?
If you’ve ever smelt fresh lavender, or cut into a fresh lemon that you’ve experienced essential oils….
These oils are what gives plants their scents.  They are nutritional compounds that exist in all plants and herbs.  Ancient cultures recognized these healing properties and begin to extract the oils for medicinal and healing purposes.  Some oils (like Lemon and Grapefruit) also serve as amazing house-hold cleaners.
Essential Oils are the concentrated “essence” of a real plant or herb.  So instead of harmful chemical alternatives, you can tap into the power of mother nature.
Did you know that 1x 15 ml bottle of lemon oil contains up to 45 lemons?  That’s a lot of lemons in one tiny bottle!

   I discovered how
  • Essential Oils support your immune system!
  • They were more valuable than gold and silver to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians!
  • They naturally improve your hormones, respiratory system, gut health, skin, joints and muscles!
  • They can infuse you with energy, vitality and naturally uplift your mood!
Because I discovered all that, I was able to:
  • Start telling others about why I believe in Essential Oils so much!
  • Research to find the hands-down best company to buy oils from!
  • Started my own home-based business to educate people just like you on how to get the most benefits from oils!
Now I'm living my dream of working from home doing what I love.   And I never have to worry about buying most dangerous pharmaceuticals ever again.
And that's why I'm so passionate about telling you all about essential oils.  I know they’ll help you improve your health, and those of your loved ones.  Thanks for visiting my site and if you ever have any questions please visit my Contact Page here and send me a message!

Where Does the Aroma Come From?
The natural aromas come from ‘volatile compounds’ that are found inside the fruit or plant. 
When these plant materials are pressed and concentrated they release these volatile compounds. Never fear…volatile doesn’t mean they’re dangerous!  ‘Volatile’ is just a fancy way of describing the small organic molecules that quickly evaporate when exposed to air.  
Unlike water that must be heated in order to become a gas…essential oils release their aromas at normal temperatures.
This volatility makes essential oils ideal for diffusing and for practices such as aromatherapy.  These aromas affect your limbic system.  Your limbic system helps you create emotions and feelings.  Think of this as the emotional ‘center’ of your brain.
Aroma molecules interact with sensors inside your nose.  These then emit signals to the rest of your body. That’s why certain smells make you recall past memories or experience certain emotions.
The limbic system controls your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance.
New scientific research shows that breathing in essential oil aromas might be one of the fastest ways to create psychological or physiological benefits.  And that’s all done the natural way (so if you’re like me and are leery of using pharmaceutical solutions then you’ll LOVE oils too!)
You can also digest oils, or absorb them into your skin.  You can add a few drops of any oil to your creams and lotions in order to deliver oils healing properties to you.  For example, lavender oil massaged into your skin can give you relief from headaches, help your skin to heal and even helps give you a solid night’s rest.
No one the ancients found these to magical!
Did you know that when King Tut’s tomb was opened they found 350 liters of essentials.  Yep, these oils are fit for a king!  So if they’re good enough for Tut, they’re good enough for you!
Health Care Products

In addition to healing properties, oils can be found in tons of household care and beauty products.
Don’t believe me?  Go look at any of your shampoos or soaps.  They’re often scented with lavender, lemon or rose.
Unfortunately most big corporations, in an effort to save money, use harmful chemicals that smell like the natural originals.  So when you’re washing your hair with store bought shampoo, or washing your dishes with lemon scented soap you’re actually putting chemicals into your skin!
That’s another reason why I love making DIY recipes using essential oils and natural shampoos and creams.
Nowadays there are 4 grades of essential oils:
Synthetic Oils:
These are low quality because they’re made in a lab, and not in nature! Never buy these!
Processed ‘Natural’ Oils:
While these originally come from plants, this grade of oil gets so processed that the oils lose all health benefits.
Certified Therapeutic Grade:
These are plant based oils but could contain harmful pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified). Avoid these!
Certified Organic:
These are the best!  They are plant based and totally organic.  That means they only contain what is found in nature, and avoid all pesticides and genetic modification.
You must make sure all oils your buy are:
Certified Organic
100% Pure and Therapeutic Grade
Grown in certified organic land
Free of any chemicals and additives
5 Ways Essential Oils Make You Look & Feel Healthy:
1. Rejuvenation
Tea Tree and Frankincense oils help eliminate inflammation and increase spiritual awareness.

2. Relaxation
Oils such as Lavender and Camomile have relaxing effects on stress hormones in your blood.

3. Purification
Oils such as Peppermint and Calendula are known for their abilities to cleanse and soothe.

4. Prevention
Oregano and Eucalyptus are known for their natural antibacterial qualities. This helps you reduce fevers and colds.

5. Detoxification 
Lemon and Grapefruit oils can help detox your body and clear away acne. They are also natural cleaning solutions that are safe for babies and pets.
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Discover the Healing Power of Essential Oils…
Cleanse and Rejuvenate Your Body and Home Today 
I only sell Certified Pure Tested Grade oils.
Yes, the oils I recommend cost a little bit more…but the health benefits are a million times better.  That’s because you never want to put harmful chemicals into your body. 
For all these reasons, and so many more, I LOVE oils.  And I guarantee you will too.  Why not set up a complimentary Wellness Consultation with me?  I’ll help you develop a plan for what oils will heal you and your family…
Even better…I’ll gift you 3 oils to sample.  That way you can experience the true power of oils today!
P.S.: I had a great time writing this for you, and I hope you enjoy it.  If you ever have any questions please use the contact form to reach out to me.