Joanna Rusling

a brief bio

Hi, nice to meet you! 
I am a passionate Holistic Health Coach and started my career over 30 years ago, attending University to study Medical Science. Achieving a First Class Honours degree, I won a PhD Scholarship and pursued medical research investigating antibiotic resistant super bugs - MRSA. Yet it wasn't until I became ill, unable to work in 2000 and was diagnosed with a mental illness, that I really transitioned into my calling as a "Healer". 
Gut health has been my primary focus since 2006, adopting "Food as Medicine" and "One Man's Food Is Another Man's Poison" to heal myself and my small children. 
Today I find great success and satisfaction working with essential oils, functional nutrition using specialist diets, bioenergetics, subconscious retraining using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)® whilst applying medical research from the natural sciences. Many people are struggling through debilitating, exhausting, and endless health challenges when pristine health and well-being are supposed to be the norm. Good health should be a consistent state we live in, rather than a destination we are searching for! 
Allow me to offer guidance, share my knowledge and expertise, and to work with you on finding solutions to your health challenges.
Joanna xo
With a family history of serious illness in gut health, autoimmune disease and cancer I knew I had to get to the root cause, if they had any hope of avoiding those outcomes later in life. I began researching and applying "food as medicine". I was seeking knowledge from people who'd found the underlying root cause of their illnesses, and as we discovered each remedy I was driven to dig deeper.  Applying elimination diets enabled us to heal our children and take my own health to another level. Eventually I found answers as to how and why we had been unwell. 
Now I passionately share the amazing healing potential we all share. If we can provide ourselves with the right fuel for our individual needs, we can HEAL from the INSIDE OUT!  

A natural health revolution is happening now. It's growing every day and is sweeping the globe as millions of people are awakened to the natural healing abilities of our bodies. I am blessed to be part of this movement and to share my knowledge with you.

Every week I present classes, run events, and take private appointments to show you how to think differently about your health, be empowered, and to assist the body to heal. 

I have taught hundreds of people about the keys to better health, and I encourage you to seek better health for a better you.